Top 20 investors in the blockchain industry

Updated: May 30, 2019

We took a list of Top 20 investors in the blockchain industry and plot them on two dimensions:

1) number of crypto companies

2) % share of the total portfolio.

Source: BQ Intel, Crunchbase

Observation #1 - Emerging pure crypto players

There is a new breed of investment funds that bet entirely on the success of the blockchain industry. They are pure players who are heavily reliant on in-house expertise and in-depth knowledge of the industry. Most of them are focusing on a few investments that would be their “big bets”. Only a few exceptions like Digital Currency Group and Blockchain Capital are adopting a more classical portfolio management approaching spreading the risk among many companies.

Observation #2 - Incumbent technology investors

Incumbent players are entering the game more carefully. They typically focus on a few companies, just enough to diversify their more classical investment portfolio. A notable player is Boost VC that seem indecisive where it wants to play.

Check the full version of Blockchain Quarterly (Q1 2019) report for more Insights.

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