How many people are using crypto-assets?

Percentage of the World's population in crypto-assets

Source: BQ Intel

Percentage of World's population in crypto-assets

From data published by exchanges we see, for instance, that Kraken has 4 million users. It is safe to assume that half of the active users, at least in the Western world, have a Kraken account. This means that 8 million individuals are trading crypto-assets in the western world.

Let’s make it four times this number to account for Asia. We now have a figure of 32 million people on the planet that have created an account on a crypto exchange platform. Now, let’s extrapolate and say that this means 32 million people have already had a taste of crypto. Out of 7 billion people on the planet, that indicates that around 0.5% of the human population is involved today. This is significant, but still small compared to the potential.

Crypto-assets weight in the World's money

It is interesting to compare this figure with the weigh of crypto-assets in the global money supply. Let us assume total crypto-assets market capitalization of $300 billion. According to data from The Money Project, the value of the World’s easily accessible money (narrow money) that includes the world’s coins, banknotes and checking deposits, is around $36.8 trillion. With this estimate, we can derive that 0.8% of the World’s money is made up of crypto-assets.

Should we consider broad money (instead of narrow money) which includes coins, banknotes, money market accounts, saving, checking and time deposits, we obtain that 0.3% of the World’s money is made up of crypto-assets. Thus we have a range that include our initial estimate of World population experiencing crypto-assets.

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