Crypto Exchanges - Media Kit (Edition Q1 - 2020)

This document is an extract from the research report “Crypto Exchanges market in 2020” covering:

  • High-level benchmark of top 5 crypto-exchanges financials

  • Products and services offerings launched across time by top 5 crypto exchanges

  • A high-level outlook of the regulatory landscape for the top 5 crypto exchanges

  • Historical and up-coming strategic initiatives of top 5 crypto exchanges

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The Panorama:

Update on Regulations:

New Features:

Annual Trading Volumes:

  • Volumes increased steeply in 2018, largely driven by BTC price surge and the addition of new digital assets.

  • The same year, speculators generally pulled off from Altcoins and refocused on high potential projects and BTC.

  • Volumes in 2019 dropped sharply amidst global crypto market turmoil.

- Transaction Fees:

  • The BTC price surge and ICO boom sent transaction fees to their all-time low in 2018.

  • Coinbase charges, by far, the highest spread fee in the market.

Annual Revenue Breakdown:

  • Despite an inverted U-shaped volumes’ curve, Binance kept growing its revenues.

  • Bitfinex 2018’s spike in revenues is largely due to a great increase in trading volumes.

  • Coinbase’s spread fee reduction dented the exchange’s revenue in 2018.

  • Bitstamp and Kraken less impressive revenue evolution mirrors the volumes as the platforms kept almost flat fees.

- Revenue Distribution:

  • Binance is the only exchange that saw its altcoins revenue rising over the last 3 years.

  • Whereas, Coinbase followed the opposite trend.

  • Bitfinex, Bitstamp, and Kraken have seen a more significant share of its investors switching to BTC after 2018’s collapse.


Headcounts and Revenue Per Employee:


Full Report - Crypto Exchanges Market in 2020:

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Including Peer group: Top Crypto Exchanges

General overview

  • Competitive landscape analysis

  • In-depth strategy assessment per exchange

  • 5 years of market size forecast

  • Industry trends analysis

Benchmark study

  • Detailed financial indicators

  • Detailed operational KPIs and metrics

  • Detailed people KPIs

  • Fee comparison and evolution over time

Functional benchmark

  • Governance (org, stakeholder’s ecosystem)

  • Regulation (legal HQ, taxation, etc.)

  • HR strategy (skills, recruitment, rewards)

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