We focus on driving business value while limiting exposure to blockchain's technical details

Our reports display the three qualities representing our values:

Regularity - our publications are released at least once per quarter

Consistency - reliable updates for all covered topics

Comprehensiveness - our top down approach covers the whole blockchain value chain


Our researchers

A team of specialized research analysts with experience covering the blockchain and distributed ledger technology landscape

Our experts

panel of business professionals and subject matter experts with multidisciplinary industry and blockchain expertise


We have access to 10+ APIs providing us with continuous flow of data covering the blockchain environment

We scan, aggregate, structure and analyse from 100+ data sources

We filter numerous available blockchain news and updates, to present our users with "noise-free" business centric insights

Management Team

Alexandre Juncker | Head of Research, Partner

Alexandre is lead Distributed Ledger Technologies expert at BQ Intel. He has built, over the years, an in depth technical knowledge as well as a unique understanding of the crypto-ecosystem. He has developed strong opinions on the various applications. Prior to BQ Intel, Alexandre worked as a blockchain solution architect and advised fintech start-ups in tokenization and stablecoins.

Danil Knyazev | Head of Strategy and Growth, Partner

Danil is in charge of growth strategy and business development in BQ Intel. Prior to joining BQ Intel, he worked in management consulting for large corporate clients conducting digital transformation. His focus was business analytics and competitive benchmark. 

Halim Nader | Head of Operations, Partner

Halim is charge of business operations at BQ Intel. He is leading our operational team and ensures final delivery to our customers.  Before BQ Intel, Halim was working in management consulting supporting large corporate clients, in industry and finance, on strategic and operational topics. 


Alexandre Coninx | AI in blockchain data analytics, Senior Advisor

Alexandre advises our analytics team on AI application to optimize data processing. His research interests are about AI for cognitive and autonomous robotics. He is also interested in adaptation, autonomy, machine learning for robotics, Bayesian approaches, and neuro-inspired sensorimotor and cognitive processing. 


Our team of specialized research analysts covers the blockchain technical and financial landscape:

  • Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) expertise

  • Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) / Security Token  Offerings (STO)

  • M&A and Investments in DLT

  • DLT token fundamentals

  • Cryptocurrency exchanges 

  • Legal and regulatory environment

A panel of business professionals with blockchain expertise and wide-ranging industry backgrounds:

  • Banking & Asset Management

  • Distribution & Retail (Supply Chain)

  • Energy (Power and Oil&Gas)

  • Healthcare & Insurance

  • Public sector

  • Audit & Advisory

  • Gaming & Entertainment